The Linnaeus Grove

Carl Linnaeus (von Linne)

Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) was a professor of botany at the University of Uppsala.
He gained international fäme for his work on the systematic ordering of plants and animals into species and families
Each individual was given a Latin name. These names and classifications are still in use.
It is because of his pioneering work Carl Linnaeus is often called ”The Flower King”.

An unexpected but fortuitous visit to Svanesund

On the 17th of July 1746, the ”The King of Flowers” Carl Linnaeus made an unscheduled visit to Svanesund.
He was on an research expedition in the Bohus region and he was sailing west from Marstrand toward Orust and the island ”Korn”.
However, hard weather forced them to land at Svanesund and seek shelter in the local guesthouse, which stood where the ferry terminal now is.

It is some ways, it’s possible to imagine that he was one of Svanesund’s first tourists.

During his stay, he ’waded into the water over his knees’, and explored. He waded out into the shallow bay, right outside here, to examine the marine life on the sandy sea bottom.

On the sandy sea bottom, he investigated mysterious holes and detected a previously unknown bi-valve, which he then went onto include in his scientific research.

Skylten uppsatt av Orust kulturnämnd pi 250-ärsdagen 1996.